What is GRS Certification & How It Works

What is Grs Certification

GRS Certification (Global recycled standard) is an international recycled standard being used to track and verify the
recycled material in different stages of production with at least 20% recycled material. The Grs standard covers the complete supply
chain and the areas of its central attention are environmental ethics, traceability of recycled material, chemical content, social requirements, and GRS labeling.

How to Get GRS Certification - Step by Step Process

You need to complete the GRS application form and return us along with complete information about your
business. As per the received application, a contract will be signed with the GRS certification body, Payment
will be made directly in the account of the GRS certification company and a site visit will be planned. The validity of the GRS Certificate is for One year. The GRS
certification process can usually be completed in three months.

How to get Grs Certification

What is GRS Audit

Recycled Standard

GRS audit is conducted to verify the company’s needs and to cross-check the recycled content, social,
environmental, and chemical practices in their production. Click here to get the complete Grs audit
checklist including Recycled Material Requirement Chemical management
Environmental & Social requirement.

What is GRS Certification cost

GRS scope includes the content of recycled fiber, recycled plastic, recycled metal, and recycled paper subject to related industries. Visit, Recycling frequently asked questions.

GRS certification cost varies and depends on several factors like scope, in-house facilities, etc. Whereas the starting cost of Grs Certification in Pakistan is Euro 1200 approximately. Please complete the online form to prepare a formal cost for you, or call us our technical manager during in-office hours.

How to Get GRS Transaction Certificate

The GRS transaction certificate is issued for every full consignment (purchase order) in a physical commission basis. The documents that should be attached to the application make the process much faster and easier, these include delivery notes and invoices of the GRS transaction. These are generated based on an order number.

GRS tc certificate tells the whole story. You don‘t need to carry a load of papers with you on your delivery route. Simply visit CB Local office and secure your GRS transaction certificate at the time of pickup, and it stays valid for a long time.

For every sale, Operator would have to ask for a new Grs tc certificate from CB. Also avoid claims that the consignment has not been delivered. If it is about Certificate of Delivery (CERT) that only CB can issue and must be kept by the Company / Purchase Order Holder ( POH ) until it is used to claim the shipment.

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